Advertising Accountants

The advertising and marketing sector is commonly project-driven and individual budgets must be tendered to win work. These budgets must include profit to cover all the company’s overheads. So at advertising, marketing, creative, media and digital agencies, projects must be profitable and every client relationship must deliver maximum commercial value.
Further challenges in the advertising and marketing sector arise from rapid technological change, evolving trends in consumer behaviour and legislation governing issues like data protection and privacy. And that’s without increasingly high client expectations and downward pressures on project budgets.

Flexible accounting for advertising and marketing companies

As specialist advertising accountants we’ll help you maximise profit and overhead coverage through strong budgeting and costing methods. We can also help you maximise productivity through timesheet accounting. And we’ll make sure work in progress (WIP) gets billed in good time and not sit on your balance sheet as un-billed charges.