Part Time FD, CFO

As your business develops, you may feel it needs the strategic financial oversight that only an experienced part time finance director (FD) or chief financial officer (CFO) can bring.
Leadership in complex accounting matters, finance planning and strategy, tax planning and investment planning, for example, are increasingly important as a business expands. And these needs usually become acute when budgets are at their tightest.

With a part time FD or CFO from Lansdowne Francs, you’ll get the benefit of a highly qualified and experienced Finance Director. They’ll bring the instant strategic expertise your business needs, when you need it, at a fraction of the cost of recruiting for a full-time post holder.

All our part time FDs / CFOs have commercial experience at the highest level across various industries. They’ve worked at and supported global brands, FTSE and Nasdaq listed businesses, venture capital firms and start-ups.

An interim FD, CFO to suit your business

Your part time finance director / chief financial officer will hit the ground running and help you improve profitability, explore outsourcing opportunities, optimise funding channels and reduce your financial and commercial risk. They’re also well-versed in areas such as exit planning and wealth management.
And you only have to pay for the time they work with you – even if that’s just one day per month.

Accountancy Testimonial

“Beyond the day-to-day management of our accounts, Lansdowne Francs provide us with solid financial planning advice, effectively taking on the role of an in-house financial director, which to a practice of our size is invaluable.” 

- PQ Limited

Who we support

Whether you’re a sole trader, an SME, a non-Irish business or a large corporate, we can provide you with full service accounting support.

Over 1,000 clients rely on Lansdowne Francs Accounting for services ranging from bookkeeping and self-assessment, through VAT and annual company accounts to long-term financial and tax planning strategy.

These clients operate in a multitude of industry sectors and they choose us because we understand the accounting challenges specific to these sectors.